Lenticular and vitreal light scattering and refraction for tomorrow’s eye diagnostics


Ageing processes in the eye occur as the microstructural changes in the ocular components, which can affect also optical properties of the eye. In particular, the opacities in the crystalline lens and the vitreous body generate increased intraocular scattering (straylight) leading to the formation of cataracts and floaters, respectively. Moreover, age-related loss of accommodation known as presbyopia is associated with the modified distribution of refractive index of the lens. The project aims at the development and clinical validation of novel imaging-based tools to extract spatially resolved information on the light scattering and refraction in the crystalline lens and in the vitreous body. The project will produce an advance over the state-of-the-art in the methodology of measuring the intraocular scattering and the refractive index of the crystalline lens. The project will allow for understanding fundamental aspects of physical (optical) phenomena in the ageing eye. The project is co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.

Budget: 3 475 005 PLN

Implementation period: 10/2018-09/2021

Project ID: 5/2017/0138

Contract ID: xxx