Ultrahigh-speed modulation of light beam aberrations for performance improvement of the imaging systems


In spite of the recent technology advances, modern optical imaging methods still exhibit several challenges which are mainly related to the ability of the system to distinguish details of the imaged object and stem from the properties of the light beam propagation (diffraction). Since basic parameters of the imaging system such as depth of focus, transverse and axial resolution as well as numerical aperture are coupled, standard solutions suffer from the trade-off.  In this research program, we would like to solve fundamental question how to improve the performance of microscopic and tomographic systems by controlled insertion of the optical aberrations via acousto-optic effect (light wavefront engineering). The objective of this project is to investigate the possibility to control the parameters of the complex imaging systems such as resolution and depth of focus using high-speed modulation of the wavefront in time and space. The project includes three parts: (1) Ultrahigh-speed dynamic focusing for depth of focus extension; (2) Numerical aperture enhancement using k-space multiplexing of radial symmetry; (3) Axial resolution improvement using synthetic aperture approach in wavenumber domain.

Budget: 1 198 132 PLN
Implementation period: 07/2015-06/2019
Project ID: 2014/14/E/ST7/00637
Contract ID: UMO-2014/14/E/ST7/00637