Interferometric imaging of the whole eye using active optical elements


The ocular structures constituting the optical system of the eye produce images onto the retina that initiate the visual process. Refraction of light determines separate optical configurations in the ophthalmic instruments for scanning either anterior or posterior segment of the eye. In this project, we are going to address the following challenges in whole eye imaging: limited imaging depth, focusing light on the cornea and the retina, and dispersion mismatch due to propagation through ocular media. The aim of this project is to develop a method for simultaneous imaging of the anterior and posterior segment of the eye based on long-range OCT. We are going to enhance the functionality of current OCT systems by: (1) using signal acquisition platforms with the rates of Giga-samples-per-second, (2) application of tunable-focus technology in the scanner head.

Budget: 300 000 PLN
Implementation period: 03/2014-03/2016
Project ID: IP2014 014073
Contract ID: IP2014 014073