Evaluation of novel diagnostic approaches for early detection of opacifications in cataractous eyes


Vision quality is mainly determined by aberrations of the eye as well as the intraocular scattering. The light scattering in the eye affects the contrast of the image created at the retina. The presence of opacifications is the indicator of vision-affecting diseases such as corneal dystrophies, crystalline lens cataracts, vitreous floaters etc. Consequently, objective assessment of intraocular scattering becomes an important diagnostic strategy, especially in the case of cataracts that are leading causes of blindness nowadays. In this research program, we would like to check if volumetric imaging of back-scattered light enables objective quantitative assessment of ocular opacification and early detection of cataracts. We also aim at understanding the relation between back- and forward-scattering during light propagation through the ocular media. The project enables international cooperation with Prof. P. Artal team.

Budget: 485 800 PLN
Implementation period: 05/2018-04/2021
Project ID: 2017/26/M/NZ5/00849
Contract ID: UMO-2017/26/M/NZ5/00849